Chapters First strip Cast About Fan art Downloads Blog Contact The Rogues split into teams and start investigating worlds.

Can you tell which worlds are being checked out? Now read today's CameoComic.

Colour by DFG. Backgrounds and additional colour material by Calvin Bexfield.

The Teams Depart The URL of this comic is


Well, I recognize the first:
No idea for the second. It seems fantasy, as the character in the back seems to have Japanese-style elf ears.
Posted by Gez
Scale looks much older in the third looks like she's using eye shadow.
Posted by TuuronTour
Hey I am noticing something interesting: the view out of Scale's appartement is constantly changing! First we see the Eiffeltower in Paris, then Aya Sofia in Istanbul, and today Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Presumably this is linked to Scale's dimension-hopping abilities...
Posted by TuuronTour
Is Kel actually volunteering to visit Ghastly's tentacle monsters? The possibilities are intriguing ... be still my beating ... er, heart, yeah that's it, heart. Can't wait to see where this goes!
Posted by DoctorDidj
I think the thing with the eyestalk is Bob the Beholder. Look at the two windows in the last panel.
Posted by Gez
In the previous episode, panel 2, Scale is pointing to Ghastly's comic, with F'ga and Glemph ... dang Reinder for getting my hopes up.
Posted by DoctorDidj

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