Decemboobs 2017, day 24: Godiva Hair

After 23 consecutive traditionally-drawn entries, it’s all digital from here.

Day 24:

Digital pen and ink drawing of two topless girls making a selfie and laughing.
Digital pen and ink drawing of two topless girls making a selfie and laughing. Reference:

What I wrote about this at the time:

Entry #24 in this year’s Decemboobs, the annual, month-long, daily drawing challenge in which cartoonists look at photographs and living volunteers/professional models to find the answer to the age-old question: Boobs – how do they work?
A funny thing happened on the way to this drawing: I went to see a movie yesterday and in the middle of it, there was a puppet explaining to the viewers how important it was to embrace failure as a source of learning. I’ve been saying the same thing in these here entries for a while, but it still felt great to have my opinion validated, you know? Hearing it from the puppet made me fearless. So I went to the latest entry on The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society and picked a difficult photo to draw from, with extreme foreshortening, smallish figures one of whom has small breasts (I have also posted before on how I find smaller breasts harder to draw, so I won’t go into that again), natural light and oh, lots of hair. To make it more interesting, I switched back to digital sketching for the first time in several months (not counting a quick portrait I drew from imagination earlier). For Christmas, my wife gave me a Wacom Link, which allows me to use her Very Expensive Mobile Studio Pro as a vanilla Cintiq, and I wanted to give that a bit of a test run so I could iron out the kinks and get used to it.
There was no way I was going to translate the foreshortened arms into a line drawing. I’m honestly surprised they turned out as well as they did. I love the Godiva hair on the girl in front – it’s a great, cute look that reminds me of the hippie era. May incorporate that into my character design for Liana as I’m becoming less and less happy with the twists she’s wearing.

The reference is still up, because the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society manages its own resources.

Decemboobs 2017, Day 23: Sauna

Last traditional pencil drawing in the series!

Day 23:

Pencil drawing showing an older woman sitting nude in a sauna cabin.
Pencil drawing showing an older woman sitting nude in a sauna cabin. Reference source: NFN.

What I wrote about this at the time:

Entry #23 in Decemboobs, the annual, month-long, daily art challenge in which cartoonists (mostly) draw boobs from reference (mostly) either photo or live, in order to lose the habit of drawing gigantic, spherical boobs attached to the neck. It’s a life-long struggle, and although as a group we are doing better than 20 years ago, the forces of Darkness may return at any time to reclaim us.

Today’s drawing is referenced from a printed source, the quarterly magazine Uit of the Dutch Naturist Federation. I thought the body mass and shape of the older lady in the sauna would make a good study subject. I’ve included a scan on my Tumblr:

The reference link is still available on Tumblr, for the time being. When it gets taken down or shadowbanned, I will not put it up anywhere else.

Links for February 18, 2019: Trans sex worker Skywalker, How to help insects

Star Wars Episode IV: A Forlorn Hope is an outline for an alternate universe fix in which the main character is a trans girl called Shmi. It’s clever in how it explores the ramifications to the original plot of the change from ‘Luke Skywalker’ to ‘Shmi’ – she leaves home just a little earlier than ‘Luke’ does, and this changes her path in life, but she still gets to blow up the Death Star. Original Twitter thread that may work better for some, if you prefer seeing it in the bite-size chunks that it was drafted in.

Paraic O’Donnell on how to sustain a healthy insect population in your backyard. Great because 80% of it is not doing things: don’t spray pesticides, obviously, but also don’t mow that grass. I don’t need a reason not to mow the grass, but it comes in handy that now I’ve got one.

Decemboobs 2017, Day 22: Literal Decemboob

Yeah, you’re seeing this one in mid-February. That’s just how the repost schedule plays out.

Day 22:

Pencil drawing of a Christmas costume idea that was featured in the media a few years ago.
Pencil drawing of a Christmas costume idea that was featured in the media a few years ago. Reference:

What I wrote about this at the time:

Merry Christmas all! I found this article:Christmas Boob Is The New Craze Sweeping Manchester and decided to draw it. For the first time this Decemboobs season (in case you are just tuning in: Decemboobs is the annual, month-long daily drawing challenge in which cartoonists, who as a group are notorious for Getting Boobs Wrong, try to do something about this by drawing boobs of all kinds, clothed and unclothed, from photo reference or from life if at all possible).
I’ve been away for a few days, due to the pre-Christmas rush at work and also due to having to deal with the mother of all headaches over the weekend. I thought I was over it by Saturday evening but it simply came back on Sunday morning. These headaches leave me cognitively impaired as well when they happen, and even after I started feeling better, I knew I wasn’t up to the task of drawing or writing anything. So forgive me if once again, this isn’t the most accurate or good drawing of the month; it’s simply great to be back and I’ll pick up steam again over the next few days.
This one, for the first time, has had some digital adjustments – some faults fixed and some dirt from the scanner removed. It’s still mostly pencil on paper, though.

Being an actual newspaper, Lovin Manchester has kept the reference images online.

Links for February 17, 2019: Metal confronts its Nazi problem, infodumping, plus new: non-linklogging

I skipped a few days of linklogging because I had other things going on and no energy. I may or may not try to track down some of the interesting links I’ve missed.

Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem by Colin Moynihan at the New Yorker is a good overview of the history of Nazis in Metal, and the scene’s often-problematic but improving response to it. Glacial Tomb, a band that gets multiple mentions in the article (they’re not nazis), has a bandcamp.

Tweet by Richard Gadsden quoted in full:

The fact that men explain things that people already know must be useful for sf authors wanting to do infodumps – just get an annoying cis male character to mansplain things.

Plus here’s a new feature: because some things should not be rewarded with a link, here’s some non-linklogging:

Apparently, the National Review has thoughts on how Democrats should go about winning the next election. I thought we’d all been over this: liberals should not take advice from conservatives on how to win. This isn’t rocket science: such advice is always offered in bad faith with the intent of helping conservatives win. Is the opposite also true? It would be if conservatives listened to what liberals said, but given that they are ruled by their overpowering own-the-libs reflex, it’s not an issue that comes up in practice.

Decemboobs 2017, Day 21: Wellp

Day 21:

Pencil drawing of a pair of breasts contained in a tight dress top.
Pencil drawing of a pair of breasts contained in a tight dress top. Reference:

What I wrote about this at the time:

Entry #21 in Decemboobs, the annual, month-long, daily drawing challenge in which cartoonists focus on boobs in order to learn to draw them more realistically. Learning is impossible without the possibility of failure, which is where this drawing comes in. If you go to the reference ( ) , the actual pattern of the dress is very complex and I did not feel like spending all that time drawing it. Which is fine! All I wanted to focus on was how the dress interacted with the breasts. But it meant I had to do something else, and it took me a while, as I went along, to figure out what. I would:
1) treat the floral pattern as visual noise and try to filter it out; and
2) treat the resulting empty areas as negative space.
Unfortunately, by the time I got there, I was already halfway through drawing. with no time to start over. So this one is a bit messy and hesitant in places, especially when you look at it in full view. Also, the main shapes don’t look quite right. They’re more accurate than they look, I think, but once you start altering things from strictly following the reference, you need to go all the way and switch into a frame of reference where you draw what looks right. In other words, use your imagination more.
I wasn’t successful at making that switch. Next time I take this approach, I’ll know what to do and the result will be both faster and better.

The reference still exists because there are no female-presenting nipples in it.

Commissions are open!

Commission Sheet for February 2019 showing base prices as explained in the post.
Commission Sheet for February 2019

For the first time ever, I’m opening commissions! Get yours now, because they will never again be this cheap! No more than 10 slots, opening 5 at a time to keep the queue short.

Base prices:
Line art: $ 20 + $ 5 for each additional character
Flat colors: $ 35 + $ 8 for each additional character
Fully shaded: $ 50 + $ 10 for each additional character, OR join the $ 40 tier on my Patreon for monthly commissions with up to three characters. Full details on the $40 tier.
Basic backgrounds free; contact me to arrange a price for a more complex background.
Payment in advance, in full upon acceptance of the commission, through PayPal (or Patreon if using the $ 40 tier)

Send me a note on DeviantArt or use, or message me on Patreon.

I will draw:
Nudes, light erotica, adult humor; male, female, other; furries accepted but I may not be the best artist to do them for you.

I will not draw:
Underage nudes or sexualized depictions of underage characters. Vore. I am open to fetish art but if your fetish makes me go “ew” or laugh uproariously, I won’t be the right artist for you and it’s probably best for everyone if I turned down your request.
No overly-complex scenes – max. three characters and a simple background. is about as complex as I can do in a decent amount of time right now, and it’s going to cost you. No comics or serialized art as part of this commission drive; however, if this drive is successful, I may start a separate drive for three-panel strips or comics pages.
Other than that, I reserve the right to refuse commissions that make me uncomfortable.

Progress updates:
For line-art, I will send a sketch and ask you to comment; this is the opportunity for full overhauls. After this stage is improved, full overhauls will only be done at extra cost.
For color and shaded art. I will also send the inks and a first attempt at color.

You get flattened digital files in JPEG or PNG format, at the original resolution.

I think that covers everything. I’ll repeat that this will be the only time prices will be this low; depending on the success of this round, I will either raise prices after the first ten slots, or not do commissions again. However, the special Patreon tier will stay at the same price for a full year after the last slot is filled, so if you need multiple commissions made, it’s your best choice.

Decemboobs 2017, Day 20: Wheelie Pirate Queen

Day 20:

Pencil drawing of a nearly-nude woman in wheelchair, having a good time.
Pencil drawing of a nearly-nude woman in wheelchair, having a good time.

What I wrote about this at the time:

Entry #20 in Decemboobs, the annual, monthly, day-long quest to draw breasts that don’t look like flotation devices. Even for the cartooniest cartoons, a foundation of observational realism is… foundational! So every year, a group of cartoonists from all over France and one in the Netherlands practice for a month by drawing breasts from photo reference or from life.
The reference for this one is another photo from Thanksgiving, a post from the The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society blog. The wheelchair is kind of scribbled in because I didn’t really understand what was going on there. Those things are harder for me to draw than bicycles, at least at the same level of realism. I know this woman a little bit through Twitter: where she describes herself as a naked wheelie pirate queen.

Toplesspulp has become a mainstay of this challenge and a reliable source of reference images taken in public locations that stick around.

Decemboobs 2017, Day 19: Thanksgiving

Focussing on traditional art really worked for me in December 2017. With 19 entries already, this Decemboobs is on track to be the longest so far.

Day 19:

Pencil drawing of a nearly nude woman sitting on a towel, and stretching.
Pencil drawing of a nearly nude woman sitting on a towel, and stretching.

What I wrote about this at the time:

Today’s drawing is based on a photo from Thanksgiving, a blog post from the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society. I like how this photograph showed an average-sized and proportioned woman in a positions that caused her breasts to be lifted and stretched across her chest; I also liked how the tan lines managed to look like a top that pulled them upwards. I’ll be drawing more from this entry later.

Links for February 13, 2019: Fairy Play, Yorkshire cheese

Fairy Play is an interesting fantasy webcomic with focus on marginalized characters. It is also captioned in great detail and has content warnings. I’d seen it around before but hadn’t remembered the link. Now I have.

John Bull on Twitter, writer of Brexit Adventures, also knows a thing or two about cheese.

The UK National Archive’s currency converter will turn your new money into old money and then tell you how much it would buy. Handy for historical fiction writing and role playing games set in the past.