I’m head of the class, I’m popular…

A nice start to the working day: my comic Floor is currently leading in the popularity poll of Hello You! the magazine it’s published in. Strangely, Mars Gremmen‘s excellent The Girl Is Mine is a distant third…

Makes me feel good, though. I’m always very insecure about my work so it’s quite a boost to know it’s appreciated.

2 replies on “I’m head of the class, I’m popular…”

  1. Perhaps Floor is more middle-of-the-road, and The Girl Is Mine is more out there. So Floor gets votes from all sides, whereas TGIM is only appreciated by young ‘connaisseurs’. The same way the Lord of the Rings films all three got voted into IMDB’s top ten, even though they clearly do not belong to the ten best films ever made.

    (There, I just compared your work to that of Peter Jackson and Tolkien–how does your ego feel now?)

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