FTP client for linux?

I do most of my heavy-duty ftp work in the studio, in Windows. Today, I had to upload the comics from home though, and once again I noticed how much more slowly I work with the command line ftp client than I do with WinFTP LE. I’ve worked with command line ftp since 1992, but I’m still more productive if I can use a graphical client.
Problem is, I’ve never found a linux client that is

  1. easy to install (I’m willing to compile from source but don’t want to have to do a lot of troubleshooting if a compile fails);
  2. stable; and
  3. as intuitive to use as WinFTP LE (which I don’t think has been updated since 2001, and whose usability was stripped down compared to the commercial version even then. I don’t think that’s too much to ask

KBear, an ftp client that works on KDE, meets the third requirement, but fails the first two in my experience. Filerunner, suggested to me by a computer geek friend, failed the third by a very large margin. What alternatives do I have?

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  1. Thanks! I have had some bad experiences with GFTP as well, but that was several versions of both SuSE linux and the app itself ago. I’ll try it out when I come home.

  2. I have stopped using WS-FTP on my Windows box, because the free version doesn’t resume broken-off downloads.

    Instead, I use either an older version of SmartFTP (newer versions nag too much) or FileZilla. The latter is free software, and has an Outlookesque problem, in that it is good product, but with all the default settings wrong.

    Unfortunately, FileZilla appears to be using MFC instead of WxWindows for its interface, so a Linux version is unlikely to come out.

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