Okay, I can take a hint

None other than Abu Aardvark is telling me to cut it out with the partisan political screeds already. He’s not naming me by name but I can tell that he means me. I’ll spend the night of November 2 at some bar or other in Groningen wearing a black hoodie and getting shit-faced (regardless of the outcome). Or maybe I’ll do something else. I haven’t decided yet.
But no more riffing on the mendacity, malevolence, incompetence and simple disconnection from reality of the Bush administration. No, really. And starting Nov. 3, I’ll only post political stuff here that actually has nuance and some insight that doesn’t come from other people’s commentary. Promise.

Update: Snoutboy has taken it all back. Flipflopper. But he’s got good reason:

UPDATE: aaaargh!! A top Bush strategist has been quoted as saying that bin Laden’s tape is a “gift.” Bin Laden’s being free to threaten Americans is a “gift” to Bush’s campaign. So that’s how it is. It’s actually kind of… refreshing. Sorry everyone.. I take it all back. Ignore all the above advice, and get back to work. Full speed ahead, all hands to deck – no rest for the weary, and all that.

I suppose when you’re up against an administration and a campaign so irredeemably dreadful, everything else takes second place.

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  1. just let me know what bar, I’ll probably get shitfaced with you. Not necessarily because of the election. Just seems like fun…

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