Reader Mithandir pointed this out to me. I’ve been looking at the rise of the Euro against the US dollar, which should give Americans and Europeans alike the willies for different reasons. But the Euro is actually losing value against the Canadian dollar — the graph is almost a mirror image of that pitting the Euro against the USD. (saved images below the cut, in case something changes)

Price of 1 Euro in US$, November 2003 to November 2004
Euro/USD, November 2003-November 2004

Price of 1 Euro in CAD, November 2003 to November 2004
Euro/CAD, November 2003-November 2004

One reply on “Interesting”

  1. It’s a fine time to be living in Canada, i tell you!! ;^)

    Nah, we’re’s only a momentary fickleness of fate — you gotta be able to sell stuff in order to buy other stuff. And we need your stuff, seeing as we make so little of our own.

    Myself, I think this is actually George Bush’s secret economic plan for the US in action. He’s just waiting to reveal it to them later when the time is most propitious, right? ;^)

    == wolf

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