Shaun of the Dead

I’m feeling too much like a zombie myself to write about this at any length right now, but Jeroen and I watched Shaun of the Dead (“A romantic comedy. With zombies”) on DVD last night, and gave it two thumbs and two big toes up, each. That’s a lot of digits in the air. It’s a funny, well-written, well-shot movie that was just what we needed because both of us are under the weather. It’s very English, by the way, which means that it was full of normal-to-ugly looking people, the group that was fighting off the zombies didn’t do anything outrageously stupid until the stress started getting to them (despite the fact that one character is pretty damned stupid — his stupidity is believable), nobody knew how to handle a gun and British idiom were used throughout.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Reinder.

    (Just slightly off topic, re the link: used to be an excellent source for finding books ar movies I might enjoy. The reader reviews was the best idea since fanzines, and more accessible by lightyears. Now I wonder. This last year I’ve noticed that foreign (non-US) products are increasingly spammed by “reviews” which are only meant to drag down the scores on reasons the contents being “liberal” (huh?), “foreign” or just not following the usual formulae of Hollywood/the US bestseller industry. In some cases, the spamming has quite obviously been performed by users generating multiple accounts containing just the one review with slightly different wording. What the #?@$! is this!!!? I also shop at Amazon’s German and British sister sites, but have (thankfully) not yet noticed anything like it there.)

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