In which Reinder squeals like a fanboy

Like I wrote in an update to the post on Rapture of the Deep Tour Edition, the "Copy Control" on that album seems to do exactly nothing although one or two commenters on the Highway Star blog have complained about distortion on the CD. This may or may not be the result of paranoia from people who are specifically looking out for artefacts caused by the "Copy Control" process.
In any case, it looks like the CD is safe to play, and the pointlessness of "Copy Control" is demonstrated by the fact that the album is on Bittorrent like everything else. I’ve just listened to the live tracks, and feck! I don’t think I’ve ever heard them sounding this good. These guys, none of them younger than 50 and led by a writing team who turned 60 last year (Ian Gillan and Roger Glover) are on fire this tour. One criticism that had been leveled against Rapture of the Deep in the press, which I agreed with even after I warmed to the record, was that the group were staying in their comfort zone too much. This may be true, but Roger Glover in particular has extended the comfort zone of his playing quite a bit, and the comfort zone is a good place to be in while playing live.

With that in mind, I’m going to get that live disk first thing in the morning, and look for tickets to the summer festival they’re playing in the Netherlands this year (Arrow Rock, where they’re probably the only act I’m remotely interested in).

The consumer warning in my previous post on the matter is hereby withdrawn.