New Earth

April 16th, 2006 by Reinder

A little later than most viewers, I got to watch New Earth. It was OK. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't anything special. Billie Piper shone in this one; she got to show her ability to act the villain for a change (I'm not telling how and why) and shake her booty, which I didn't mind looking at at all. I'm not sure I liked all the male characters going all camp when what happened to Rose also happened to them. Doctor Who is camp enough at the best of times, and in this context it was a bit too stereotypical.
I also didn't like the idea of an old minor villain returning, although the execution of the idea was very good. I can understand the need to bring back major enemies, but this class of villains should have stayed dead. Let's hope this one does, from now on.
"The idea wasn't great but the execution was very good" pretty much sums up most of the episodes Russel T. Davies wrote himself. Count me as one of those who would rather see him concentrate on his executive producer role rather than writing several individual episodes this series.

The torrent for the episode was up in about an hour and a half after broadcast. While downloading it, I took a look at its statistics. I think having 2000 peers so quickly is quite impressive (and it helps making the download really really fast as well). Right now, there are three other copies of the show up on the network, each of them with hundreds of seeds (the one I got now has over 2000 seeds, presumably roughly the same people who got it overnight). Of course, the number of people getting it that way is still dwarfed by the number who watched it at broadcast time, but it's still a nice enough measure of the show's popularity. I'll be keeping an eye on that throughout the series, just to see if people are staying interested.

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