Tooth and Claw

April 23rd, 2006 by Reinder

... was quite a bit better than "New Earth". It still has a way to go, but despite being a bit low on quotable lines, it was consistently gripping and not made of swiss cheese. Good CGI effects on the werewolf as well. I liked how the Queen was portrayed; while there were many familiar elements and Rose at least tried to extract that quotable line from her, the totality of it was unlike any Victoria I've seen.
This one was tight, dark, suspenseful and focused. It was in many ways the complete opposite of a normal Russell T.Davies episode. Such pop culture references as there were were woven into the background rather than telegraphed constantly, and extraneous stuff was kept to a minimum. The only downside to that is that there weren't too many good Rose moments, but then not everyone is as much of a fan of hers as I am, and besides when I watched it, I didn't miss them.
Pity it all came apart a bit in the end, with the "solution" again being rushed into place as what one is invited to think of as a Spiritus Ex Machina. Let's hope Episode 3 is finally the "Dalek"/"Empty Child"/"Doctor Dances"-level corker we've been hoping for.

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