[Einar] Missing the bloody point.

April 29th, 2006 by Adam Cuerden

America's Fate: The Titanic's

Deals with a real issue: America's crippling national debt, but tries to blame it on Social Security, Medicare, and the like.

...No mention of two very expensive wars and an extensive peacekeeping mission.

Why is it that Conservatives can spend as much as they want on war, but want to take away the protection of the most vulnerable, and claim, even as George W. Bush uses a beaureaucratic trick (replacing the Social Security's funds with government bonds so that he can spend the money) that Social Security needs to be stopped, as it's causing the National debt.

And yet, one of the responses:


Entitlements. Need we say more?

Look at your charts.

In 1965 we spent 27% on entitlements. Now it is 54%.

We will be spending 25% of our entire GDP on SS, Medicare and Medicaid. That is more than the TOTAL Federal budget.

We have to address entitlements. Nothing else really matters. We can control ALL the other spending. We can cut defense spending to zero. We can close all the parks. And we still cannot solve the problem unless we can control entitlements.

We will probably have to ration health care at some point. Let's be smart about it. Everybody dies eventually. How much is one more year worth?

...Ah, just bugger me with a broostick sideways and spare me this crap.

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