I tried to like YouTube but YouTube didn’t like me back

August 24th, 2006 by Reinder

Five attempts.

Is what it took me to get past the Verification Code script while trying to sign up as a member. Four times, it returned a "invalid response to verification code" error, even though I'm pretty sure I typed the code in correctly at least some of these times.

And each time, it made me re-type my (weak) password twice, and reset the "put me on the mailing list" to checked.

And there was no way out. Apparently they think no visually handicapped or dyslexic people will want to sign up on a site offering video clips. How silly of me, to think that there might be a middle ground between being perfectly sighted and being blind as a bat. Or to claim that YouTube eliminated the need for literacy. Not if you want to get past the sign-up form, bub.

Visual Confirmations, aka Verification Codes or CAPTCHAs, work against spam and against fake signups by spambots. But I really wish they didn't.

Because they are really, really awful.

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