Dsquared speak

August 26th, 2006 by Reinder

You listen:

As he did in Iraq, Chirac has played a blinder diplomatically. I don't think anyone ought to have ever believed that he was going to unilaterally cough up the men and money for this forlorn hope of a peacekeeping force. All that France provided was a convenient pretext for Hizbullah and Israel to walk away, in a reasonably dignified fashion, from a fight that neither of them wanted to be in.

Having got that, the international community ought to just say, "Thank you, monsieur," and walk away, not start complaining. Asking for the peacekeeping force is just childish, like asking for a kiss from the Easter Bunny when you've already got the chocolate.

This is what diplomacy looks like. You may say that it looks dishonest, sleazy and unpleasant, but I reply: we tried it your way for most of the month of July, and I can show you some pictures that would make your stomach turn.

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