Little Kiddos

THE HOOORRROOOORR!!!!! .. No just joking. Last thursday I taught my very first comic drawing lesson ever and it actually went quite well! I teach 6 boys between 9 and 12 years old and they are a very enthousiastic bunch. At first I tried to teach them some standard comic-emotions, but they were so full of Manga (miss will you draw me a figure from Dragonball Z?!!), that I decided to focus more on the art of making manga. So next thursday I’m going to teach them how to draw a manga head, with hair and everyting. And maybe already start with the body.

The only problem I incountered with the boys was that they were a bit loud in their enthousiasm, but as long as they listen and pay attention, I don’t mind…

Yeah I know, it is a bit of a boring story, but maybe next time they’ll wreck the whole place and you will be able to read some dramatic yet exciting stuff… 😀