This may seem like begging, but sometimes you need to point out that they have the option…

The mirror site for the Invasion crossover storyline has two features that the main location doesn’t have:

One, as pointed out earlier, is the Cast Section for Invasion only, with the characters from the storyline listed in order of appearance. Much easier to find any of the characters in there than in the main ROCR cast section.

The other is the Fan Art Section. I’ve not been having a great week, and one thing that always cheers me up is seeing my characters drawn by other people. So if you’re feeling inspired, even if you’re not a particularly skilled artist (but also if you are! Because there are a lot of people out there who can draw my characters at least as well as me), why not have a go at drawing or painting or photomanipulating one of the characters from Invasion? The "submit" button merely opens an email window, so I might as well make it easy for you and mention that you can send art to (I just noticed that it was set up to send mail to an address I haven’t used in over a year, so far all I know, people have been trying to send me fan art through my WCN site for months…. but probably not.) I’d especially like to hear from people involved in the Crossover Wars as several of them are or will be drawing my characters anyway.

4 replies on “This may seem like begging, but sometimes you need to point out that they have the option…”

  1. Hrm . . . well, there are always the “Did I get these right?” sketches I posted way back in the beginning, which you’re more than welcome to (I should, like, start referencing those)–but I’ll see what I can do for fanart. 🙂 I haven’t done practically *any* fun drawing lately.

    (It’ll probably be Atra. I think she’s got Possibilities.)

  2. DFG: Your comment initially got junked by the spam filter – the first false positive since I reinstated comments on this blog. Ach weel, I found it anyway. Nothing to do with the fan art, but useful in drawing next week’s scripts.

    Caitlin: Yes, those would be very welcome if I could post them. Do you want to clean them up or shall I put up the versions I’ve got?

  3. Put up what you’ve got, by all means–they’re not nearly the cleanest they could be, but I have a feeling I’d put it off indefinitely. 😛

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