Thursday Workday

Thursday was bad. Of all the things I wanted to get done, I only got as far as post-scan cleanup. In the afternoon, I developed a headache and the bad temper that usually goes with it.
Calvin returned from self-imposed study retreat a day early, having decided that it’d be better for him to take his Friday exam some other time. One reason he’s such a powerhouse is that he picks his battles carefully. I asked him to work on the ROCR background, using the procedure I described yesterday. Didn’t go well – once his work was scanned, it didn’t match up at all well to the character art. In the evening, Jelena and I looked over the originals and found they matched up slightly better, but he definitely did allow the paper to slip on the light table. Also, he was still pretty frazzled from burying himself in his studies. Shouldn’t have put him on the spot like that.

Looking back over the past few days, I think I should change the way I work. I don’t mean cutting down on the procrastination, though that would definitely be beneficial. I’m now looking at the amount of busy-work in the process. I particularly spend far too much time on cleanup, when it would be much better not to let the materials get dirty in the first place, e.g. by working in non-repro blue pencil, and/or inking on the light table. There are reasons I don’t do those things now, but … they’re not very good reasons. They all boil down to "I don’t like to work that way" or "I’m afraid to work that way".

For a long time, I had a serious tactile loathing of kneaded erasers. I found them extremely unpleasant to the touch, and refused to work with them for that reason. I’ve managed to overcome that and now use kneaded erasers a lot, albeit merely as part of an arsenal of erasers for cleaning up my heavy-handed pencils lines. I have some formative bad experiences with non-repro blue, which amount to "this feels all wrong and shitty" but I should be able to overcome these too. As for inking on the light table, that’s a bit trickier, because I like to rotate my paper a lot while inking, and, as you can see from the bit about Calvin’s backgrounds above, you need to tape down or otherwise fixate your work while working on a light table. Hmmm… Calvin has a set of peg bars that I might be able to use…

The headache subsided in the evening after a cup of Darjeeling Gold Tea. Might be coincidence, might be a sign that I need to watch my fluid intake. I thought I already did that, though.

Today, I hope to get the Gang of Four comic finished, preferably before five. Though I guess it won’t make much of a difference whether it arrives at 16:30 today or early on Monday morning. Not practically, anyway. It would be good for my morale if it was done today.

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  1. Hrm–uninformed opinion here, I’ve never used a lightbox or even did much tracing. (I also don’t know what peg-bars are, or their application.)

    But maybe you can tape the two pieces of paper together, rather than to the lightbox? You’d need fairly significant margins, since tape doesn’t remove cleanly, but it seems like that might be a way that you can rotate the paper without changing the relative positions.

    (Actually, I think one of the reasons I like working on the computer is that my “pencil lines” go away just by making the guidelines layer invisible. Iit’s got some pretty significant downsides, too, but clean-up’s pretty simple, comparatively.)

    Anyhow, whatever you end up doing/liking best, I hope it goes well. 🙂

  2. Peg Bar. Calvin has a set, which Jelena borrowed a few days ago.

    Yeah, there’s still room for experimentation, and taping the sheets to one another may turn out to be practicable. I’ll do some tests next week.

    As for working on the computer, see the entry I’m going to write after this comment.

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