Crossover delays

Co-bloggers Jeroen and Adam helped me out with today’s Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comic in which Jake visits the world of Dangerous and Fluffy. That wasn’t intended as a full guest comic; it just so happened that I had already asked Adam to script it and then fell behind as a result of illness and overwork, so we thought we’d ask Jeroen to draw it. And he came through! Otherwise I’d have had to delay it, and that would have been a bad thing to do in the middle of a crossover.

In the end, ROCR may well be the only comic in this crossover thread that isn’t delayed, though. Pimpette was already out for the count; new updates are finally being published, but it’s still well behind. And yesterday’s outage at webcomics host ComicGenesis means that some others haven’t been able to upload their contributions yet. Caitlin Woods of CameoComic mentioned in her journal that she was going to reschedule her work on the comic if she wasn’t going to be able to upload it anyway, and that sort of thing is hard to go back on even if the webhost does come back up all of a sudden. Since the problem was caused by ComicGenesis’s own DNS server breaking, it may not, in fact, be up for everyone. I can see the sites just fine, but I don’t know if Caitlin can.

So, today’s ride may be a bit rough and I may even decide to delay tomorrow’s comic in order to re-synchronise things with the folks I’m collaborating with. Apologies for the inconvenience, can’t do anything about it guvnah, it’ll be right as rain in a day or two.

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  1. Can see CameoComic just fine now, but I can’t update it. Which is a problem. >_>; is the address of the current strip in the meanwhile.

    Anyhow, don’t delay on my account–I intend to have tomorrow’s comic ready more-or-less on time. (When I called the delay, I called it knowing full-well that I can do two strips in a day.) 🙂 I hope this all gets smoothed out soon . . .

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