No front page comic on Tuesday – archival Pin Drop comic instead

I didn’t get as much as a filler done for Tuesday – I got started on Wednesday’s proper Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comic unexpectedly late, and by the time I was able to send it off to Mravac for colouring, it was already 1 AM, and I draw the line at starting a new drawing or background article at that time of night. My apologies. Things will be back to normal soon, scheduling-wise.

Instead of posting a filler, I’ve scanned an old one-pager, Juggling, and posted it in the Pin Drop archive. Juggling isn’t all that significant by itself but it is part of the greater whole of what I was trying to do with the run of wordless comics I was doing between 1997 and 1999. With the addition of Juggling, that run is now almost completed. The twelve-page story Injury and the one-pager Sponge, which is similar to Juggling still need to be scanned and posted, which will happen real soon now. I’ve got the master copies of Injury ready at the studio; Sponge will take a little longer because I can’t find the original. It’s still in my archives, though. Somewhere.
I’m babbling, ain’t I? It’s because I’m very sleepy right now.