Slight delay for ROCR

The changeover to the new server and design took a big bite out of my comics writing time last week, and still does, so I didn’t get the script ready to send to Aggie in time for a Monday update. I’ll be back to writing script for Feral and drawing Invasion (the total number of […]

Faerie character sketches

Some character sketches for a story to come after Invasion… maybe. Revised, curvier version of Aleas. Photo reference: Belenen at DeviantArt, used with permission. The faerie Sash, drawn with slightly more distinct facial features. No reference. Neither of these are likely to get deleted from DeviantArt, but I do want to show them in a […]

Oh my God, it’s dwarf porn!

A couple of weeks ago, I got an image deleted from my DeviantArt site for the first and only time. It was a piece drawn for Einar’s birthday and titled “Dwarf Porn for Einar.” I don’t think it was particularly pornographic: Really, those DeviantArt people have no sense of humour anymore. You have to shrug […]