I Heart Kale

While I’m on the topic of food, I heart Kale looks like an excellent resource if you like the bitter winter vegetable, kale, and want to do something other to it than use it in a mash. I like kale mash, or stamppot boerenkool but I always end up buying more of the vegetable than […]

In Defense of Food and my shopping list

I have broken down and bought a copy of In Defense of Food: A Eater’s Manifesto. I’ll take it off my Amazon wish list in a minute; in the event that someone’s bought it as a birthday gift for me as suggested earlier: thanks – I’ll make sure it finds a good home. On first […]

Pop-sci meme: what books have you read?

Via PZ “I bought you a sacred host but I trasheded it” Myers comes this book meme: from the list of popular science books below, highlight which ones you’ve read. It’s making me feel like an ignoramus; even with the expanded list suggested by PZ, I don’t get very far at all: 1. Micrographia, Robert […]

Xenozoo by Adrian Fleming

Xenozoo is an interesting, so far wordless webcomic about a space traveling animal collector. Neat style, though there’s still several gaps to be bridged between the realism with which the alien bunnies are rendered, the gangling, cartoony shape of the human character and the cute, children’s animation look of the same character in the header. […]

Michael Pollan, my time sink of the past 24 hours.

I’ve spent far too much time in thepast day reading the website of journalist Michael Pollan, writer of In Defense of Food and a range of books, essays and journalism about the food (mostly) Americans eat. I particularly recommend his piece on Animal rights, which despite the obnoxious provocation at the top is one of […]

Lamb vindaloo

I lost all my bookmarks over the course of not one, but two emergency software migrations. So I’m going to post more interesting links on the blog again. This is how I made lamb vindaloo during my stay in Tennessee, only I added tomatos and potatos to it. There’s apparently some kind of factional schism […]