No-supermarket experiment follow-up

Well, my experiment in staying away from the supermarket ended quickly. As predicted, the need for durable baked goods (or rather the need to have breakfast and lunch after the middle of the week) was what pulled me back in. Worse, I was so strapped for time I had to use an Albert Heijn supermarket, and it turns out their assortiment of durable baked products sucks as hard as their bread. And now for the boring minutiae: I did end up buying:

Half a loaf of organic whole-grain bread – on the off chance that their organic bread might be more palatable than their regular bread.
1 kg muesli, Euroshopper brand, non-crunchy.
3 tins of tomatos for use in pasta
1/2 kg bag of fusilli pasta
1/2 kg bag of whole grain rice
1 liter of organic non-skim milk, because I fear not the fat.

Total expense: €7.50.

Yes, I’m picky about bread. I blame my parents who raised me on fresh, whole-grain bread that they sliced themselves into thick, rough slices. Actually, I wasn’t that keen on that particular kind of bread because it tended to lose its flavour after being frozen. But because they cared about bread, I learned to. Bread has to be non-mushy, have plenty of roughage and should have a smell to make you more hungry.
As for the whole milk, I only recently switched back to it after two decades of drinking semi-skimmed. It’s tastier and the vitamin A and D in milk are fat-soluble. Considering how much oil I use in cooking, the difference in fat percentage between non-skim and semi-skim is trivial. Fat is tasty.

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  1. I switched from buying bread at AH to buying bread at the baker, simply because the AH (super market) bread tastes so horrible. Never could be bothered to spread my shopping over two stores before, but suddenly I couldn’t stand that spongy texture anymore.

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