Wall Street Wives…

October 27th, 2008 by Reinder

Treaclelilly at Livejournal linked to this article: Wall Street Wives had the richer, now they're a bit poorer in the LA Times online, refering to the wives in question as her choice for "asshats of the day". I'll admit it's very hard to feel sorry for people who earned ten times as much as Treaclelilly or I do, managed it so recklessly that they end up with nothing or so close that they can't get by anymore, talk like they feel entitled to having what they used to have and still haven't learned to control their spending. But psychologically, there's more going on than that. The people in this story worked hard and dreamed big, and now their plans are in ruins. For all their flaws, I can feel sorry for them because of that.
It also strikes me that at least one of the couples in the story, the Monds, have more going on than is mentioned in the story itself. They had tried to get out of the Wall Street life in 2001 and found that they couldn't. And they saw the problems coming two years ago, had started cutting down, and still got swept up in the downswing. Whatever motivates them to want so much is more complex than simple greed - they seem addicted to the Wall Street way of life, to their dreams, or perhaps motivated by a fear of poverty. Looking at them that way, they don't look so unsympathetic.

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