State of the comics: picking up the pace just a tad

I sent these to DFG to do colour flats the other night: The Invasion page was drawn over just two evenings after work, which is fast compared to how things have been in the past year and a half. This increase in speed does come at a price though: I haven’t been running for almost […]

[Co-blogger Einar] The Screwtape Letters, or, The Art of Seemingly-Plausible arguement

I was raised as a fundamentalist Christian (I got better). For those fundamentalists who don’t think the Bible is the only book you ever need, C. S. Lewis is perhaps the most popular apologist. Having particularly heard The Screwtape Letters constantly praised all my youth, when I saw it in a charity shop,  I thought […]

Blog upgrade

I just upgraded WordPress and it overwrote all my templates. So the blog will look a bit dull (but be free from advertising) for a while. “A while” may be any length of time as blog template development does not have a high priority in my life.

Obsidian Wings:The Psychology of Oogedy-Boogedyism

This must-read post from Publius on why liberals fear social conservatives is very succinctly argued: Social conservatives aren’t merely a group with which liberals disagree – they’re a group perceived to threaten our lives in tangible ways. Outside of the Christian Right, gay rights isn’t some abstract morality play. It’s a direct assault upon some […]


Things I learned at work that I’m using in NaNoWriMo: * Calculating future workloads. * Sitting down and doing it at the time available for it. Things I learned from NaNoWriMo that I’m using at work: * Ignoring (finally) distractions. * Sticking to it until the work is done rather than flitting between tasks. Both […]

Looks like February came early this year.

Last night, instead of working on NaNoWriMo, I went to bed at half past ten, having spent the last hour and a half before then in a zombie-like state. I don’t think I’ve run up a sleep deficit in the short period since last weekend, when I slept into the afternoon on two consecutive days. […]

State of the comic – Porcus Cubilis edition

First off: follow my NaNoWriMo effort on My DeviantArt site. It’s a Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story and actually fills in the big gap in the archives between The Stone of Contention and the stories that feature Jodoque as a character. Second, here are my latest original scans for Invasion: It’s slow going… it’s not so […]

Letter from Iceland plus store returns increasing

Two more articles that caught my fancy: A letter from Iceland at the Financial Times online. Everyone on my reading list seems to have been linking to that today. It’s a long explanation of the economic city in Iceland. Iceland is probably the miner’s canary for the coming recession in that it’ll define the limits […]

Two must-read articles

Andrew Sullivan on why Sarah Palin still matters. Because somebody needs to be held to account for selecting the worst vice-presidential candidate in history. (via Lawyers, Guns and Money) Michael Lewis on the End of Wall Street’s Boom. This long article by Michael Lewis, writer of Liar’s Poker is financial porn: It explains in lurid […]