State of the comic: some good news to balance out the previous post’s techno-whining

This has turned out my most productive weekend in months in terms of new line art. I’m so close to the end of Invasion, I can almost smell its lascivious, musky scent. One thing I’ve been trying to do more and more during the time I’ve been working on Invasion is to break out of […]

State of the comic – broken scanner/SCSI card

I’m not out of the woods yet. The desktop PC has a new hard drive, Ubuntu linux is working beautifully including the tablet and Photoshop over Wine, but the scanner is still bust. I got a SCSI card sent to me courtesy of Mithandir and Alien of Chasing the Sunset — Mithandir also set me […]

[Einar] Proof by Assertion

Proof by assertion is an interesting logical fallacy. Basically, it’s just saying things that haven’t been proved has, and hoping people believe you. The Institute of Creation Research evidently love this one. I was glancing through the articles on their site today. a good 75 to 90% follow this format: Here’s a recent scientific paper. […]

State of the comic: Three weeks’ worth of Invasion uploaded

Episodes for Invasion for the next three weeks have been uploaded. Next week, I may be able to finish the final ones that have been scanned so far – what happens after that depends on whether I’ve got the scanner working by that time. The episodes will appear on Mondays, December 15, 22 and 29. […]

[Einar] Noah’s Ark

A few days ago I found a copy of the Doré Bible at a just-about-affordable price, and snapped it up. The Doré Bible is an 1866 publication of the Bible with illustrations by Gustave Doré, usually considered one of the master engravers alongside Dürer and Hogarth.  It’s a very interesting glimpse at what the Victorians […]

Two vivid dreams I had last night.

1. Almost a quarter-century after its first release, I watch a video for the Deep Purple album track “Mean Streak” off the “Perfect Strangers” record. It is a fairly run-of-the-mill performance video set in an orange, red and yellow autumn forest, though the video quality is outstanding. One thing is slightly off though: former Gillan […]

Useful WordPress hack courtesy of Erin, plus to-do list for the blog

I didn’t lose a lot of irreplaceable stuff in last Sunday’s hard drive crash. Luckily, all my working files and my financial accounts are on external drives as a matter of standard procedure – I never keep them on the same physical volume where my operating system is. But I did lose a few items […]