Stormbringer, remastered

The music industry’s slowest remastering program lurched forwards one more step towards completion this week. Starting in 1995 with the 25th anniversary edition of Deep Purple in Rock, it has now finally managed to get around to the release of the 35th anniversary edition of the album Stormbringer that was originally released just 5 years […]

[Adam Cuerden] 4’33”

Below, if this works right, is John Cage’s 4′ 33″, in a lavish production: [Edit: Evidently not. Just click here: – We’ll wait for you to come back.] I’m sure there are many things that could be said in Cage’s favour. I cannot actually think of them, but I’m sure they exist. However, I […]

No update this week but next week is pretty assured

Now that Invasion is over, I’m switching back to the Feral storyline, so that’ll be coming back soon. Unfortunately, I’m still strapped for time and the switch involves writing a lot of new material before I can even start drawing, so it’ll be a while before new updates start coming. I’m aiming for new updates […]

[Adam Cuerden] Citizendium: The Encyclopedia only pro-Homeopathy editors can edit

Larry Sanger, part-founder of Wikipedia, wrote in 2001: How are we to write articles about pseudoscientific topics, about which majority scientific opinion is that the pseudoscientific opinion is not credible and doesn’t even really deserve serious mention? If we’re going to represent the sum total of “human knowledge”–of what we believe we know, essentially–then we […]

Scanner/SCSI card/cable update, plus my first all-digital art

I have a working SCSI card again, and though it uses a different cable configuration than I described earlier, I know what cable that is and where to find it. I may balk a bit at the cost but will probably put in the order soon, as the alternatives aren’t too appealing. I have had […]

Two fun fantasy webcomics

I discovered not one but two very promising fantasy webcomics today: The Meek, and Lumia’s Kingdom. The Meek has fantastic art and lovely colouring and reminds me a bit of Zander Cannon’s The Replacement God. At only six pages into the story, it could go in a lot of different directions, but from the commentary, […]