Must-see medieval art exhibit at the Frist in Nashville

If you live within driving distance of Nashville, Tennessee and are interested in medieval art, crafts, culture or manuscripts or early Christian history, you can’t afford to miss Medieval Treasures from te Cleveland Museum of art at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, running until June 7, 2009. Seeing the illuminations, sculpture, jewelry, calligraphy […]

How to install Pngout on a Mac and do batch operations

I’ve mentioned PNGout on Waffle a couple of times over the years. It’s an unbeatable little command line tool for making PNG files smaller that exists for multiple platforms. It was originally developed for Windows but has been succesfully ported to linux and OS X. Great though PNGOUT is, the ports don’t come with a […]

Next ROCR update: not before two weeks from Monday, squire

Tomorrow morning (Saturday, March 21), I’ll be getting out of the house at an ungodly hour to catch my plane to Nashville for another week at Aggie’s place. We’ve got to stop meeting like that and during that week, I’ll be taking several important steps to making that possible. You’ll be the 936th person to […]

Some neat music stuff I found on Youtube

Loudon Wainwright III singing White Winos on a 2004 Dutch documentary in the Het Uur van de Wolf series. I watched this when it was broadcast. Then, as now, I loved the fact that the producers cared enough to have the song subtitled. When I showed the clip to DFG, she thought LWIII’s head movements […]