No update on the 27th

I’m sorry, but I won’t have a Feral update ready for Monday the 27th. Like last weekend, I spent this one working on the comics on the principle that I’d do the most achievable jobs first, which meant preparing remastered comics for the Drunk Duck mirror. This week, I realised that I had to do a lot more of those than I had originally planned, so I spent all my available time on them.

The thing is, I’ll be going to the States again in four weeks, and I’ll be staying there for quite a bit longer than I have so far: two whole months. While I will be technically able to work on my old files there, I would very much prefer not to have to think about the reruns for a while, so I’m now working to get them buffered all the way through the end of my next stay in late July. Unfortunately, both the DTP software I have to use and the archived source files themselves were full of surprises, so it’s taken much longer than planned. I now have 24 episodes done; the source files for the next five are missing altogether and need to be re-scanned.

The mid-term prospects for Feral still don’t look too good. I want to work on it but I don’t want to do another set of low-effort updates. I want them to look as good as they did 40 episodes ago when Kel was in the Feral’s house, and I don’t have my act together to the point where I can do that right now. The story will get finished one way or another, but maintaining a fixed schedule is turning out to be very difficult. On the plus side, those remasters are looking good, so please do go to the mirror site in the next few weeks for a fresh look at the Corby Tribe storyline.

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  1. Don’t worry folks. I’ll beat it out of him. I want Feral to progress.

    *comes up with sneaky plans for while he’s here*


    Reinder’s darling girlfriend

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