Designing webcomics for a range of sight impairments

I posted the following on a Comicgenesis forums thread about comics for the visually impaired about two weeks ago: The assumption among most commenters here seems to be that people are either perfectly sighted or completely blind – a lazy assumption that Bruce Tognazzini, former interaction designer for Apple, has some things to say about: […]

Return of the Son of the End of Free, Part II

Over the years, I’ve become skeptical of paid content as a viable model for most of the content being published online, particularly for webcomics. In the previous part, I discussed what I believe are the reasons micropayments have historically failed and free content resurged in the mid-2000s. I believe Rupert Murdoch’s plan to start charging […]

Return of the Son of the End of Free, Part I

So the big media news last week was that Rupert Murdoch wants to start charging for the Wall Street Journal online, and the coverage brought back a word that I hadn’t heard in a couple of years and that I didn’t really expect to hear again: micropayments. I’ll talk about the new End of Free […]

Kaizers Orchestra – VĂ¥re Demoner (2009)

The fifth studio album by Norwegian gangster-polkarockers Kaizers Orchestra is a bit of an odd duck – it’s a compilation and also a new album, and it’s a studio album that often feels like a live album. Kaizers have re-recorded a number of songs that were previously played on tour, put on demo’s and played […]