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Wikipedia stupidities

June 30th, 2009 by Adam Cuerden

Would you believe that Wikipedia long had a policy which says that plot summaries - a core part of encyclopedic coverage - are something that Wikipedia was not? After this misbegotten thing was changed to a weaker version - which simply said they were highly discouraged without other content - goodbye any articles discussing the plot of the work from cited sources - there's now a movement to restore the ARRGHUTTERIMBICILITY version.

Don't believe me?

They're currently voting on it.

The old version they want it changed back to says:

Wikipedia is not....


* Plot summaries: The coverage of a fictional work should not be a mere plot summary. A summary should facilitate substantial coverage of the work's real-world development, reception, and significance. See also Wikipedia:Manual of Style (writing about fiction).

This option is leading, beating out slightly more sensible wording, and the option of deleting the whole misbegotten thing. Evidently, Wikipedia wants plot summaries are to be officially declared to be useless in themselves - even what Wikipedia is not - unless someone writes lots of analysis which most readers aren't interested in.

Pity that they're also the most useful part of an article for someone trying to find out about a fictional topic they aren't familiar with.

Two art blogs I like, plus two webcomics to check out

June 27th, 2009 by Reinder

Mythwood - The Art of Larry MacDougal and A Vintage Sky are both sketchblogs showing lots of fantasy art in neat storybook illustration style. I find them very inspirational.

Meanwhile, in her blog, Aggie linked to two comics that I need to check out: The Epic of Cuchulainn and Lovecraft is missing. I'll get around to reading'em one of these days - both are still new enough not to have inconveniently large archives.

Life update

June 24th, 2009 by Reinder

Adventurecon was fantastic and very productive. I'm still in the US with Aggie, working long-distance for my employer in the Netherlands as an experiment. Aggie got me hooked on True Blood; the rest of my spare time is spent working on comics and trying to prevent a puppy from chewing up its surgical bandages. Life is good.

Knoxville Adventurecon

June 11th, 2009 by Reinder

Aggie and I will be sharing a table at Knoxville Adventurecon where we will try to reach out to the general public, show off our portfolios and hobnob with Lou Ferrigno the other artists. For some reason, we were put on the guest list with no questions asked.

It's unlikely, though, that we will have anything to sell. I've scrambled hard to get the Headsmen book done, but we're out of printer ink, out of time, and as I write this, Aggie's not feeling too well and may not be able to go get new ink and paper. I will use the last bits of ink to print off some individual pages for the portfolio and will be taking the PDF files with me - anyone who brings a thumbdrive can get a copy, at least if we get access to a power strip.

If you live in the area of Knoxville and read ROCR or American Gothic Daily, we hope to see you at the con!

Headsmen PDF e-book and Carson Fire fundraiser

June 11th, 2009 by Reinder

Cover art for the new Headsmen e-book; right-click to download for free

New free Headsmen PDF e-book! This is the final step towards finally creating the print version of Headsmen that I've been promising for years. This new PDF e-book has a higher resolution than the existing CBR-based version, and contains one extra story, Alchemists, in colour!

Because the book is three years late, and because I do not have time right now to set up a payment method for it, I am offering it for free for the time being. I do, however, request that you pay a voluntary donation not to me, but to someone who needs emergency funding more than I need extra beer money:
Carson Fire of Book Elves, a cartoonist who has been instrumental in getting me to publish Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan as an English-language webcomic, is in acute danger of becoming homeless after many years of bad luck. So if you grab yourself a copy of this new PDF e-book containing some favorite stories from the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan archives, please consider sending him a few dollars to help him raise the money he needs to keep a roof over his head. The payment buttons below are taken from Carson's site and will help you donate directly to him. Thanks.

DOWNLOAD the Headsmen e-book (Unpackaged PDF file, 75 MB; right-click to download to your hard drive, or CTRL-click if you're on a Mac).


We'll be back to our regularly scheduled Feral on Monday, after which this page will be moved to the Downloads section.

Caption Contest 5: Doré edition

June 1st, 2009 by Adam Cuerden

Another Caption Contest / me showing off my extensive collection of Victorian engravings!

Today's may be familiar to some of you, but let's have a little fun with it anyway

As always, I've uploaded a full-resolution scan to Wikipedia, as I believe in free art. Also, if you're reading this under Reinder's comic, you'll have to click on he link to the post to see the image.

-Adam Cuerden