Two art blogs I like, plus two webcomics to check out

Mythwood – The Art of Larry MacDougal and A Vintage Sky are both sketchblogs showing lots of fantasy art in neat storybook illustration style. I find them very inspirational. Meanwhile, in her blog, Aggie linked to two comics that I need to check out: The Epic of Cuchulainn and Lovecraft is missing. I’ll get around […]

Life update

Adventurecon was fantastic and very productive. I’m still in the US with Aggie, working long-distance for my employer in the Netherlands as an experiment. Aggie got me hooked on True Blood; the rest of my spare time is spent working on comics and trying to prevent a puppy from chewing up its surgical bandages. Life […]

Knoxville Adventurecon

Aggie and I will be sharing a table at Knoxville Adventurecon where we will try to reach out to the general public, show off our portfolios and hobnob with Lou Ferrigno the other artists. For some reason, we were put on the guest list with no questions asked. It’s unlikely, though, that we will have […]