Expect more delays

Between me working full time again (long distance from Aggie’s place), Aggie breaking her foot, two baby goats being born here at the minifarm, me throwing repeated fits at the local internet service and router, and the need to sleep at least occasionaly, I haven’t been able to get any new updates done. What little […]

Update later this week, I hope

Due to stuff going on around the house, I haven’t been able to get the next update done in time to post it on Monday. I hope I’ll be able to work on it some this week and get it out ASAP; otherwise it’ll have to wait until next week. I also have some blog […]

Ads, stats, updates and state of the comic

Updates have picked up but visitor numbers and ad revenue have slumped. What to do? As you may have noticed, I have removed an underperforming block of Project Wonderful ads from ROCR.net. After two years, the button block at top right had been slumping in price and even going unsold, which suggested to me that […]

9th Anniversary, 700th rerun comic, extra update today and later

Today, July 1, marks the 9th anniversary of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan as an English-language webcomic. In previous years, we’ve had special artwork for the occasion, but this time around, I didn’t have any good ideas for it, so you get an extra regular update instead. Yes, June’s been a very productive months for new updates. […]