My groceries were only €15.40 this week, which is great; I even had room in that amount for nuts and (bliss!) potato chips. That means my expenses for this week, including a trifling little sum for travel, are €745. I booked my next plane trip to the US. To get the cost down to approximately […]

Guess I’m not that out of shape after all

I clocked 43:47 at the 9K event of the Bommenberendloop today, which was about 10 minutes faster than my target time. I was going to take it easy but I figured out pretty soon that I could comfortable pace myself at under 5 minutes a kilometer, and did, even though the route had hardly any […]

Goals update

Emigration: I now have a list of the documentation I need, plus a rough budget for the whole process through status adjustment after marriage. I think we’ll be able to do it all for less than € 2000. What I don’t know yet is a timeline for the project as a whole, but it looks […]

Some quick food/budgeting notes

This week’s groceries expenses were €35 – they’ll be €37 when I get the peanut butter, which I forgot. Most of my groceries were bought at the farmer’s market, and because I brought a list and stuck to it, I did not splurge on expensive cheeses and sun-dried tomatoes. Last week’s groceries expenses were €27; […]

Stuff worth reading

Guest Post: Why the Austrian, Keynesian, Marxist, Monetarist, and Neo-Liberal Economists Are All Wrong at Naked Capitalism. Worth it just for this quote: The ugly truth is that economics is a science in the way that medicine was a profession while it still used leeches to balance a person’s vapours. Yes, some are always better […]

What I’ve done lately for my goals

Here’s what I’ve done in the past few days to reach my various goals in the run-up to my wedding and emigration: Emigration: I have looked at the requirements for a Nonimmigrant Visa for a Fiance(e), and started taking action towards fulfilling them. The proverbial low-hanging fruit here turned out to be getting a copy […]

Congratulations, Barbara Stok!

Barbara Stok has won the Stripschapprijs, the Netherlands’ most prestigious award for cartoonists. Congrats, Barbara! I was wondering why your name had started turning up in my search results. (The Grim Barrowman, a collaboration between Barbara and me.) Scandalously, Barbara is the first woman to win the award in its 36-year existence.