Guess I’m not that out of shape after all

I clocked 43:47 at the 9K event of the Bommenberendloop today, which was about 10 minutes faster than my target time. I was going to take it easy but I figured out pretty soon that I could comfortable pace myself at under 5 minutes a kilometer, and did, even though the route had hardly any distance signs posted.

The weather changed from sunny to rainy during the run, and afterwards I was not pleased to find myself cycling home in my sweaty running clothes in a cold downpour with an outside temperature of 12° Centigrade (54F).

The run, incidentally, is part of the festivities to celebrate the end of the Siege of Groningen on August 17 (according to the Julian calendar; August 28 according to the Gregorian), 1672. The siege was initiated and led by Bernhard von Galen, nicknamed Bommen Berend —”Bommen” means bombs, which he liked to fire into the city with his cannons. Despite this, the city and surrounding villages of Groningen kicked his ass and he lost 12,000 men. As the year 1672 was one that the Dutch people would otherwise have preferred to have skipped, this was and is a big deal to the townspeople (The Dutch versions of the Wikipedia pages linked above are much more extensive if you can read them and are interested in the history of this historical event).