On A/D conversion, advice and the weakest link in the chain

Reader Branko asked me privately what brand/type of USB preamp I’d bought, because he too wants to digitise his vinyl record collection. I’m really the wrong person to ask, because the entire comparison shopping process for me was to go to Okaphone, a local electronics store catering to DJ’s, and ask for the recommendation of […]

Adam’s basic sound restoration tutorial

I asked Adam for some pointers on restoring old records, and he spent a whole night creating a tutorial podcast on basic sound restoration, which tells me everything I need to restore my mother’s old Vienna Boys Choir recordings*). “Basic” here includes a lot of things I had already figured out but it also includes […]

Digging through my vinyl

The other day I bought a USB preamp to hook my turntable to my laptop and rip some music from vinyl to MP3 that way. I have a decent number of vinyl records that aren’t available on CD or as legal downloads, or that I don’t want to buy again in any format. So now […]

Art from 2000: Elf Life characters, Fire Elf, Krakatoa, Sower

First: by 2000, Krakatoa was developing towards her current appearance: And I was doing more extra art for the website, such as cast drawings: One of the big influences on my decision to get back into webcomicking and take it more seriously again was Carson Fire of what is now the comic formerly known as […]

Recent reading reflecting my interests

The Livejournal community Pollanesque. The blog Unconventional Ideas: living meaningfully in a period of epochal change. Some cracking reads from the Financial Times online: The scandal of food waste by Tristram Stuart The man who invented exercise by Simon Kuper (it’s worked out well for epidemiologist Jerry Morris: he’s a hundred an still working). Some […]