Run Winschoten 10 x 10K relay

I ran 49:27 in the 10 x 10 K relay event of the Run Winschoten as a member of the second Loopgroep Astrea team. For some reason, that team got listed as a woman’s team, even though none of the members would pass the sex test, as far as I know.

This was actually my first 10K; I’d run an 11K and a 9K event before, but never a 10. The result seems in line with those other events. I do feel like it’s getting easier now; the prospect of running at a good clip for that many kilometers and over 45 minutes no longer seems so daunting. That’s why I joined the team at the last minute after someone dropped out without having to think about it much.

I’ve got two more events lined up; another 11K and a 4M, which will probably be my last running competition in the Netherlands. I feel I’m on track to beat my personal best at that distance (28:34).

Spending was limited to the cost of a train ticket to Winschoten. Another runner and I could get a ride back after the event, and as I ran last in my team’s schedule, there was no time for me to buy junk food and beer. I’m kinda happy with that too, though I would have liked a beer right after the run. Beer after a run is one of the best things in the world.