Thesinge Run 2009 results

53:38 according to my clock, but my official net time is even better: 53:21! That’s 3 1/2 minutes off last year’s results with better interim times on the 9 and 10 than I’d clocked during the events I was in in the past few months. It’s still 14 minutes slower than the winner though; this year’s field was larger and stronger than last year’s.

I ran with a stopwatch, taking care not to go much faster or slower than 4:50 minutes a kilometer. This worked wonderfully well and made the race much easier for me, at least during the first 7 kilometers. The second round through the gravel got a great deal harder at that speed, but I still managed to stay close to that target speed. Also, I’ve been running the past few events without my elastic knee brace and that’s going very well.

This is likely to have been my last Thesinge Run and I do hope to find something similar in the United States. It’s so much more fun to run in that village atmosphere with everyone knowing one another. Though compared to last year, that aspect didn’t seem to be that good. I didn’t feel the urge to hang around and have a beer after the run, enjoying the mood and the crowds. Things were done more efficiently this year, with officials cleaning up the signage immediately after the last participant in the women’s 11 K. By 18:30 the area was getting empty and most people seemed to be gone. Maybe it’s because the event was on a Saturday this year, or maybe the local authorities asked them to get the whole event over with as quickly as possible. Whatever the reason, it didn’t feel quite the same as last year. I still liked the brass band though, and there’s something special about running past a stable where the cows moo at you in disapproval.

My parents were there and took some pictures. I’ll add those later.

After the event, I got some extra free exercise: I sprung a leak on my bicycle halfway home and had to walk another 4 K pushing my bike. Looking at the results again, I did that about as well as the participants in the Thesinge Run’s 4 K walking event, but I was pretty knackered and grumpy afterwards. It’s exactly what you don’t want if you’ve already beaten up your muscles and burned 1000+ calories. I needed to sit down and eat food!

Speaking of food: add € 0.50 to my grocery expenses as I couldn’t resist buying stewable pears from a local garden (for people coming in here looking for running event reviews, I’ve been trying to live off € 15 a week for the past 4 weeks as an exercise in financial discipline). They’ll be yummy with cinnamon and some wine if I can get that for free. You just don’t get people selling pears at city runs!

Me crossing the finish at 7 K – I’m not checking my stopwatch because at that point I still have 4 K to go. || Me crossing the finish at 11 K

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