DVD’s that are going, part 1

There are still a lot of books from Books that are going, part 1 and Books that are going, part 2 that haven’t found new owners yet. Just ask about any of the books. Also, I’m a wee bit behind with shipping some them out because I had to buy shipping boxes for the ones […]

Working on it!

There’s some more new ROCR material written, but I need to buy new paper – I got the wrong size last week. Turns out there’s another size between A4 and A3 that I hadn’t seen in the shops before, so I picked it up thinking it was the A4+ I have been using for the […]

Books that are going, part 1

In the next few months before I go back to Tennessee to get married, I expect to be using my media collection as my ATM a couple of times – it’s a way to declutter and get back some of the money I spent on DVD’s, CD’s, vinyl records and books over a quarter-century. None […]