Comments now close after 90 days

Lately I’ve been getting some comments to blog posts from months to a year ago, usually record reviews. These may or may not be substantive in nature but are usually in an insulting tone. Since I have no intention to perform blog archeology and get insulted in the process, I have changed the blog settings […]

Recent activities on

I have updated the cast page with short bios of two minor characters from the Rite of Serfdom storyline: Brakeburn and Brushhead (whose page comes up looking wonky in Safari for a reason I cannot understand). I have also linked the page for Hywel Bastardsson which I created last Summer but forgot to link from […]

Some announcements

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan is now on Facebook. Has been for a while actually, but because it’s easier to post quick announcements about the comic there than here, I recommend adding the page if you want to keep up with things. Longer, less-frequent announcements and commentary will still also be posted here, though. I’ve not been […]