Surprising results from the ad campaign that Mithandir and Alien bought me

July 3rd, 2010 by Reinder

The advertising campaign that Mithandir and Alien of Chasing the Sunset bought me for the tenth anniversary of ROCR online brought several hundred new readers in. Combined with the fact that I had been advertising a little bit starting the day before the anniversary, and with the changes I made to the places where the 120x600 skyscraper ad is displayed, this led to a huge spike in the number of pageviews on and associated websites: over 20,000 on the second day of the campaign. This triggered an automated bidding war between two sites that like to advertise on larger webcomics sites, and as a result that skyscraper ad earned $6,50 per day in the US for most of July 3.

This is hugely motivational to me. Starting next week, I will be &eur; 120,000 in debt because I'm about to buy a house, and while I obviously cannot quit my day job for something that earns $ 6,50 a day, it would really help me out a lot if I could make that money on top of my day job for a few months. And the fact that it's earning that much without the comic being regularly updated, and with there being an F-bomb on the latest page (two big strikes against any webcomic; F-bombs turn off audiences very quickly), makes me wonder how it would have done if there had been regular updates around the time the campaign ran. I expect to see a drop-off in the next few days but am also wishing for the numbers to stay the same. Practically speaking, the house purchasing process is going to make it impossible for me to get back to the comic in the next week.

But I want to get back to it soon. And it will become easier if at least some money keeps rolling in.

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