Review Backlog: Randy Newman

Randy Newman (composer): The Princess and the Frog Original Soundtrack 2009, purchased via iTunes, January 2010 I used to dislike Randy Newman’s music, or at least the music he released under his own name. I hated his voice: slurred, mumbly and capable of communicating only one attitude: sarcasm. I found his choice of subject matters […]

Review backlog: Richard Thompson, Alice Cooper, Fleet Foxes

Lately I’ve been reading more music blogging, both from my perennial favourite Popular and the now defunct but fully archived The War Against Silence. Popular is of course Tom Ewing’s rundown of every UK number 1 since the charts started. The War Against Silence was a deeply engaged, deeply subjective run-down of all the albums […]

Today in short answers to simple questions

Jessica Bennett in Newsweek (via Making Light, comments section of post): Indeed, if these students are bullies, according to the law, what does that make the rest of us? Massachusetts’s anti-bullying statute defines bullying as repeated behavior that, among other things, “causes emotional harm” or “creates a hostile environment” at school. If it were applied […]