Restored items in the ROCR archives

There are two redrawn items in the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan archives: the comic for July 10, 2002 and the one for August 8, 2002. The former was redrawn for no other reason than that the original version was hastily drawn and coloured and looked rather hideous. The latter has also been missing entirely from the archives since the comic’s move to Modern Tales back in 2003.

Here’s what happened: the move of my archives to Modern Tales in 2003 was a manual process involving about 800 individual episodes. There was no automation for this available at all. Towards the end of the process, a number of episodes got skipped, and many of those were not caught until much later. All server moves since then have had at least some automation, but they were based on the faulty archives at Modern Tales.

Fast forward to the years between 2007 and 2009, when I was rerunning the old comics in remastered, partly recoloured form on a mirror site, located on Drunk Duck. This was another manual process but it was a lot slower and involved going back to the working files and paper originals, and checking every image individually. So over time, I discovered many lost episodes. What this process had in common with the move to Modern Tales, though, was that I started to get discouraged towards the end, and when I hit the 146th episode of the storyline The Corby Tribe and realised just how poorly made and ugly it was, I gave up. But that still left me with a hideous looking episode in the archives, so in May 2010, I took some time out to redraw that one, and looked into resuming the reruns later that year while I was at it. I then found that a second episode that had visual continuity with the one I had just redrawn, was also very ugly and was only redeemed by the fact that it was not in my archives at all. So I redrew that, but it took until now to colour them fully and get them ready for display on the website.

There is now a third episode that, while not actually bad, has visual continuity with the redrawn ones, so next up, I will redraw that as well. Should be easy and fun.