Bonus Kate Bush content: Deeper Understanding – fanvid

A video for the new version of “Deeper Understanding” was released on Monday. Like the new recording itself, it made me want a stiff drink, for pretty much the same reasons. Luckily, the comments at Kate Bush News included one from a musician and filmmaker from the Faeroe islands linking to a fanvid he had made featuring clips from his own short film “Mit Rúm”, which does not make me want a stiff drink. It’s not a literal translation of the lyrics into film, it’s got real cinematography, it does not waste a third of its length to get to the point and it has the original version of the song on it. I wonder if as a musician, he’s ever done any Kate Bush covers?

I also wonder if he’s ever worked with Eivør Palsdottir. Only about 50,000 people live on the Faroe islands, so the odds that two people of the same age there, with similar interests and working in the same field know one another are very strong.

If you are curious about Kate’s own new video for “Deeper Understanding”, get within reach of a very strong drink and go here.