Kate Bush Cover of the Day #36: Cloudbusting by Railcars

Railcars, “Cloudbusting (Kate Bush Cover)” by The FADER

The Kate Bush covers keep on coming! I was going to feature Charlotte Church’s version of “The Man With The Child In His Eyes” but when I listened to it the other day, I found it very uninteresting. Not so with this version of ‘Cloudbusting’! It’s not pretty – in fact it’s one of the weirdest pieces of sonic degeneracy I’ve heard in a long time (probably not since Ram Samudrala’s Twisted Helices album. The Fader, where I found this, calls it “a sea of melted tape and LFO” and adds that “You really hope the sun does come out, because things sound kind of fucked up now.” I don’t have anything to add to that. It’s not going to be for everyone, but it sure is different.

Edited to add: looks like the stream is not available or limited to people visiting from The Fader. Just go there to hear the song, and if you want, you can download it too from the webpage or the Soundcloud widget. It’s worth it just to hear it once.

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