Curious Photoshop/Mac/WiFi behaviour

One for the Mac-heads in the audience.

I’ve been trying to cut distractions while working on comics, which means that I turn off the WiFi on my Macbook now. However, this doesn’t work as well as it should, because the following behaviour occurs:

  • If I switch off WiFi (AirPort) and then fire up Photoshop CS 4/Mac, Photoshop takes forever to start, and so does Adobe Bridge for that matter. In fact, both apps become unresponsive and have to be killed using the Force Stop feature.
  • If I fire up Photoshop while WiFi is on and then turn off WiFi, I have no problems until I try to save a file. Then Photoshop becomes unresponsive for minutes on end, and I can either try to wait it out or switch on WiFi again, after which Photoshop becomes active again and finishes saving the file quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever succesfully waited it out since I started noticing the problem – I have stuff to do, after all.
  • If I reboot the Macbook while WiFi is off, I have no problems, everything works as it should, and I get a few hours of distraction-free Photoshopping.

Actions taken: I have checked my Photoshop preferences and turned off Version Cue, as that is no longer operational anyway and this would be an obvious cause of the problem if it tried to connect to the Version Cue server and failed to find it. This did not, however, make any immediate difference.

Later, I will look for causes of this phenomenon, and maybe write up a proper bug report and then figure out who to send it to. For now, though, I’m getting off the electronic boob again. I have stuff to do, after all.

3 replies on “Curious Photoshop/Mac/WiFi behaviour”

  1. Does Photoshop phone home from time to time to verify that you are a registered licensee? That (and in that case shoddy coding) might be the problem.

  2. That could well be the problem, come to think of it. I don’t know, but it’s a real possibility. Thanks.

  3. I know next to nothing about Mac OS, but I have the same problem on Windows 7, when not connected to the company network. Appearently, when trying to Open/Save something, Windows is trying to look for network shares (which takes a long time, since they’re not there). I can imagine OS X having similar problems. Do you have network shares or other network-related storage you use when on-line?

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