Kate Bush Cover of the Day #29: There Goes a Tenner by J. Davis Trio

So far, I’ve avoided songs from tribute albums, because I figured that would be cheating in some way. But in my new quest to avoid live solo renditions, this jazzy gangsta-rap arrangement, originally featured on the 1998 tribute album I Wanna Be Kate was too good to pass up. While this isn’t really my bag, […]

Kate Bush Cover Remix of the Day #28: Leave it Open by an unknown DJ

All right, you stuffed shirts! Move the furniture, get up on the floor and dance! (Tip o’ the hat to Kate Bush News). The video for this, featuring clips of Kate Bush dancing from her music videos, was created by YouTube member vibesinthesky, who says s/he found the audio on the Internet and doesn’t know […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day # 27: This Woman’s Work by Charlotte Martin

I don’t have a lot of time today, so I’m submitting this live piano cover of ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Charlotte Martin without comment other than an apology for the low sound and picture quality. Good voice though. Oops, that was a comment. Gotta go, see you tomorrow, toodles!

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #26: Army Dreamers by Laura Jorgensen

I said yesterday that I was getting a bit sick of Kate Bush covers performed live in a solo setting, but when I saw this clip of Boston psych-folk singer Laura Jorgenson perform “Army Dreamers” at a record store, accompanying herself on the bass keys on her accordeon, I was fascinated anyway. Then I thought […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #25: Army Dreamers by Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf has done several Kate Bush covers over the years, but the ones that I could find until today were all solo live recordings made from the audience, and aside from the fact that I’m getting a bit sick of live solo recordings, they also had poor sound quality. So I was pleasantly surprised […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day # 21: Running Up That Hill by Kiki Dee & Carmelo Luggeri

I will try very hard not to do another six versions of “Running Up That Hill” in a row. It’s Kate’s most-covered song by a large margin, but it gets to be a bit much. Believe me, even I get sick of “Running Up That Hill” eventually. In fact, I was heartily sick of it […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #20: Shem Baeven (Army Dreamers) by Mazi Cohen

(Note: visuals in this video are Kate Bush’s original promo; audio is a cover version.) Aaand we’ve got the first non-English cover version of a Kate Bush song. “Shem Baeven” by Mazi Cohen is “Army Dreamers” translated into Hebrew. Alienating as the effect is, the cover works well musically; Cohen has kept the tempo the […]