Kate Bush Covers of the Day #50 and #51: two that got away.

The two covers below were songs I could not find on Youtube, Myspace or Soundcloud, so I’m doing the next best thing: posting them as Spotify links. If you don’t have Spotify yet, you will have to get an account and install the client on your computer or mobile device, and you only get limited […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #49: Be Kind To My Mistakes by Jenna Nicholls

Also spotted through the Homeground and Kate Bush News and Info Forum: this lovely folky cover of ‘Be Kind To My Mistakes”, adding unexpected depth to what was originally one of Kate’s throwaway tracks. Tracks from “The Blooming Hour” by JennaNicholls Link to the full collection of three songs on Soundcloud, no download ‘Be Kind […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #48: Suspended in Gaffa by Chrome Canyon

Er… yeah. So my original plan was to follow up the famous Kate Bush covers, the ones by Maxwell, the Futureheads, Placebo, what have you, with an encore round. I was going to return to some artists featured earlier that had done multiple Kate Bush covers and select another one that they had done. Then […]