Author after author pretends to be a lone voice, taking a courageous stand in support of the offline in precisely the moment it has proliferated and become over-valorized. For many, maintaining the fiction of the collective loss of the offline for everyone else is merely an attempt to construct their own personal time-outs as more […]

This midweek’s art harvest from the caravan. 3 Spun Off pages by me, plus a drawing of Neive in realistic style by Aggie Janicot. I also did a bunch of scripting.

We’re making a book

The Rite of Serfdom remasters are now done, at long last. All 342 existing episodes have been given a makeover, with new lettering, new more organic looking gutters, a size upgrade, a colour depth upgrade and more. “More” varies from little bits of touchup here and there to a complete redraw of a whole page […]

The big announcement!

The big announcement! The big update! We’re going to take those 342 remastered and one completely new page, and put together a book! More details to follow as we figure them out, but the maximum-ambition version of the plan is a single full-colour glossy paperback containing the whole story.

Baawk! C’est fini!

Baawk! C’est fini! Remastered Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comic for February 10, 2005, the final update in the Rite of Serfdom storyline. Another one that ends with a feast, albeit one that’s inspired by the flemish comic Nero & co. rather than Astérix.