Redrawn pages from The Stone of Contention

I have digitally redrawn the final three updates of the The Stone of Contention storyline. The first one is now available on the website where I am showing reruns of ROCR and if you’re reading this after December 30, 2012, you can just read on from there.

I created these three digital redraws partly out of curiosity about how long it would take me to do draw multiple digital pages and what the results would be like, and partly because I was unsatisfied with the originals beyond my usual attitude of “man, I sucked in [insert year here]”. I thought that even for 1996, the year they were created, these pages were done in an exceptionally sloppy and careless way, as if I was tired of working on the comic.

A little while before I started working on the redraws, I had noticed that the Brewery storyline with art by Remco Polman, when it was showcased on that rerun site, caused the pageviews there to shoot up, and took it as evidence that the audience that sees these reruns cares a lot about art quality; the better the art is, the more likely that they’ll want to read more. So what could be better than replacing some unusually bad artwork with above-average artwork? And it gave me the opportunity to practice digital inking and time myself doing so.

I think all three redrawn pages are much improved. But don’t take my word for it; please see for yourself. And please comment on the site itself!