Comics for August 14-20, 2002 have been remastered

Here we go again: The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comics for August 14 through 20, 2002 have been remastered. To read, including the all-important captions:
Third generation
Towards annihilation

On “Demonization”: more than half a decade later, I’d do a sequence in which Kel, after a betrayal of her trust by her gangmates, would swear profusely at them for several pages. This got some comments, including claims that this level of aggression and foul-mouthedness was out of character for her. No-one ever complained about Kel’s slut-shaming in this comic, which looking back at this comic now feels much more wrong than having her say “fuck” repeatedly. Of course, she wasn’t quite herself at this point, but still.

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  1. Well on the one hand, it’s not quite the case that Kel has always been sweet and friendly. In her early appearances, she was moody. But this one goes quite far into nastyness. We’ll have to chalk it down to the fact that Raven did in fact try to put a wedge between Kel and her husband, and Raven’s sister tried to poison Kel. That would provoke some unkind comments from me as well.

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