Decemboobs 2015, Days 3 and 4

Continuing my series of reposts from Decemboobs, a drawing challenge focused for cartoonists who don’t want to end up on Sequential Tart’s Bizarre Breasts. These two drawings are from December 2015, the first year I took part in this. Previous

Day 3:

Third drawing of Decemboobs 2015, done with Sketchbook Pro making extensive use of the Symmetry tool
First image to feature the fantastic Nicole Nudes, one of my favorite models.

What I wrote about this at the time:

No human body is exactly symmetrical, but this pose and shot from Nicolenudes were so close that when I picked it to draw from, I immediately decided to try doing the pencils using the symmetry tool in Sketchbook Pro. And that worked: that’s how precise Nicole and photographer Tamnphoto were when they created this one. The symmetry is only broken by the light from her right side (left for the viewer), her haircut and a slight tilt to her head. The hair in particular would have been interesting to draw in detail, but I had already spent much more time on this than I anticipated and I was getting frustrated with how the greyscaling was going. Of course by that time, I had turned the symmetry off.

Despite the fact that I’m doing this as part as a challenge called Decemboobs2015 (more info at ), I found the face and the hands much more interesting to draw than the model’s breasts. In fact, I was so focused on the face, the hands and the symmetry that I rather messed up on the breasts and they ended up not resembling Nicole’s all that much. Then again, what the image shows is how much I still have to learn about drawing from observation. I will revisit Nicole’s gallery later for a second attempt as part of the challenge.

Model: Nicole
Photographer: Tamnphoto (
Digital pencils, inks and greyscales in Sketchbook Pro – I had no idea what I was doing with the greyscales.

Nicole has a Patreon, which I support because over the past few years I’ve drawn her quite a few times. More of that to come. Her DeviantArt account has been deactivated.

Day 4:

Nevaelleh, a professional model, in a light top
Digital drawing of model Nevaelleh in a light top. Done in Sketchbook Pro using only the pencil tool.

What I wrote about this at the time:

I think Decemboobs2015 will make me a lot better at drawing hands.

This is the only art I’ve done today, because I had family over for much of the day. I mention this to indicate my dedication for making one drawing from reference per day.

Model: Nevaelleh
Photographer: Josh LaCunha
Location: Castro Valley, CA
Date: 10.13.09

Ms. Nevaeh is one of my favorite models and I’ve folloewed her for years. She hasn’t been active on DeviantArt or on her Tumblr ( ) for some time. I could not find a permissions policy on her gallery but she has favorited fan art of herself on DA. In any case, please do not remove the attributions above, and should you feel inspired to draw from her photos, please do attribute them fully.

The Tumblr may or may not still exist by the time you read this. At the time of writing this repost, it was still live.