OpenBSD on an old iBook G4

Through Matthew Graybosch‘s initiative to collect links to personal websites from his Mastodon/Pleroma friends, I found Bobs Tech Site and it turned out this site had an article on something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: installing OpenBSD on an iBook G4.

I have an old iBook G4 that I had loaned to my parents until they gave it back to me last year (they hadn’t used it in a while) and as it appeared to be in working order, I added some RAM and installed Lubuntu 16.04 on it. This is fine and interesting but if I want to get real use out of it in the future, I will need something better. I believe OpenBSD, which is still updated for PPC, is that something better, but haven’t got around to making the switch, and won’t until I’ve also cracked that thing open to install an SSD drive. This is itself a bit of a big project, so it’s been on the back burner. When I get around to it, Bob’s post will still be there for me.